I love you; I love you

Dear love,

I’ll tell you everything I never said

In a place where no one can hear us

I owe it to you

Under satin stained sheets, in your bed

I’ll whisper things with my eyes 

My heart burns 

And I try not to cry, but I will

Just wanting something real

With you, with us

What I would do for you

A world that doesn’t feel, I’m numb, 

Painkillers on my brain

Alcohol on my tongue

Like the world is spinning on its axis the wrong way

My head it swirls, like the lines and the cracks in the dresser

Wrong time, wrong place

Words are always said at times when they are left unwanted, unheard

Tired of feeling trapped

Smothered in my own skin

My own emotions 

I love you, I love you



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