Human Behavior

We’re a tiny speck in a huge galaxy floating on a big ball of dirt and water. 

Sunrays keep us alive but could also reach out and massacre the planet at any moment. 

A comforting thought in a time of darkness, no?

Moon orbits around in circles, a crater of poetry that has been written about a thousand times. 

“The moonlight shines upon her face” I’ve read the same cliche time and time again, it doesn’t get old. 

Only makes me think of the silver against her skin and the sway of her hips in the nighttime. 

We are careful creatures, us humans are so fragile and breakable. 

Reckless and impulsive, chaotic and love drivin. 

Relateable by thoughts and bad decisions, but we fail to share that among eachother. 

Classic human behaviour. 

Laughing glass on a guest list, one way ticket to hell.

And yet we have galaxy’s branching out from inside us. 

Oceans and waves and other world’s. Languages and landscapes. Words that need to escape.  

Who am I to have a say in it?

A speck among specks. My ego refuses to fathom or have any part of it. 

We so like to think we are important.

That the galaxies inside of us have meaning. 

That we are art. Oh how I wish I was art. 

A speck. Nothing more. Nothing less. 

We are specks. 

Specks among specks among specks. Only special among one another to those other specks that hold value to us. 

Cult upon cult. We drive our beliefs and irrational euphemism, the idea that maybe there is Nirvana somewhere between the layers of stars. 

More things we don’t understand. 

So we make art out of it insted. 

Us humans, our galaxies, beyond our fingertips or the reflections in mirrors, are living, breathing, art. 

And that is all I struggle to fathom, all of this human behavior. 

– Lemon Ghost


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