How to Breathe

“What is love if not forgetting how to breathe”

Yeah I wrote that – 

But you see, right now I really just can’t breathe.

My bloodshot eyes are the only thing caressing me. 

My heart hurts man, it’s screaming, and I’m not entirely sure what I’m thinking.

Like I should jump (off something high) 

Or run 

Or hide, and just get high. 

Hey let’s get fucked up and die. That’s a song, don’t freak out. 

Everything is hey I’m depressed but chill out

I’m going insane. 

Get away from everything that has been said and done. All of battles were fought and never won. 

It can’t be healthy, but I never was one for the long run. Nah, life’s too short to last long. 

That’s a song too, it’s blink 182

I’ll reach for the latter

Pop a pill, cry in my sheets, while I try to put together somehow just how to breathe. 

Starve myself from normality, cry in a closest, I’m facing mortality. 

Everything is a joke now. 

I’m on the pavement, I’m broke now.

Before I suffocate or disintegrate, I can’t elaborate on what I feel. 

Please don’t interrogate me…I’m falling apart every second on clockwork. 

Time is money and I’m too broken to argue, to hurt to follow. 

Erace your texts, trace my steps, how did I get here man, and what happens next? 

Assumptions are made. 

And what do I say? I’m fading away. Don’t have time for the games. 

Somebody please,

Put me in a box

Turn the oxygen off. 

“What is love if not forgetting how to breathe?”, well it’s pain, and it’s death. Isn’t it obvious. Can’t you see? You’re blind like the bride to be, man her husbands a liar and she doesn’t get it. 

Will I ever get it? 

How did I miss it before?

It was stains on the floor. 

Missed calls and sketchy behavior. 

You must like a whore. 

Heart burning for someone else; I just need love myself. 

This wasn’t my fault. I’m falling apart. 

Dunno why I try, or well maybe I do. Well maybe I did. It’s not easily said. 

Now I know why I tried, but did not have a choice. 

It was gold in my teeth every time he kissed me. 

Said he missed me. 

Said he wanted me. 

We all wanna be wanted. 

How was I supossed to resist?

They don’t teach kids about things like this.

Wouldn’t have tried if I’d known. That’s a lie and I know it, I know. 

Didn’t understand, or comprehend that I would lack the skills to breathe. 

What is love? Someone explain it to me. Break it down to a science, I’m begging you, please. 

What is love, I forgot how to breathe. 


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