The Only Thing

When did I decide I loved you? 

Her eyes on me like stars in a night sky. 

I cannot hardly remember now…

Waves of depression pass over me like an ocean…

Why? Because I believe she is out of reach. 

Not physically, I could touch her cheeks

But her heart may not be mine to keep

Still loving me and pulling at my devilish horns. 

My brown eyes are lit up golden. She is a rose among thorns. 

When she kisses down my neck

I am slowly becoming a storm 

Filled with all these things, thoughts of love and anxiety. 

I wonder if she loves me? 

An insanely beautiful and difficult thing to think. 

Emotions are hard to process and proceed

Are we made to procreate? A controversial conversation follows me in my head every day. 

But it was you? It was always you..even when I had everything I ever wanted it was you. 

And when I had nothing. It was you, I couldn’t imagine wanting anything else. 

You are the golden treasure, hidden in plain sight.

You are the midnight cookie jar left out of reach. 

Only for me to dream about in my sleep

While others may look upon you, I think you understand,

The only thing I really wanted anymore

And the only thing I was living for. 

What is love if it’s not forgetting how to breathe?

Losing my mind thinking about what it is you mean to me. 


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