¿Mealmate? Weird app

I’ve come across ALOT of weird apps and games in my time. 

So just to breif everyone; this is one of the weirdest so far. (if the cover photo didnt already freak you out that is) Heres a weird 48 second long preview of this oddity game I’m about to discuss if you click here https://youtu.be/IpCvnJBYW_8

One of the weirder apps I’ve seen was an app called Plug and Play (if you’ve never played that is fucking weird and fucking great. Honestly Plug and Play is an experiance. If you’ve never heard of that you can always check out Markiplier playing it HERE https://youtu.be/xx7zbzaxK-Q 



Alright. So why did I choose to show you guys this app, out of all the ACTAULLY AESTHETIC THINGS I could’ve shown you. This is not a pretty thing to look at but BEAR WITH ME, MORBID ART IS STILL ART. Mealmate from the very beginning looked very strange, but I see everything from some artistic point of veiw, so I had to appriciate the strange, morbid, and creeptastic artwork that went into this app, from the beginning, this is before I even downloaded the app I was simply checking it out on the Google Play Store. 

Mealmate is almost a creepy pasta version of Tamagatchi pets 

If anyone actually remembers what those were. (LOL) 

Exept at the end, after you’ve put all this time and effort into your little meat guy, you eat him. 

(Which I guess most of us killed our Tamagatchi pets at some point so maybe they are the same concept LOL) 

So yeah you eat him. 

I don’t know. 

So you earn money, by playing mini games. (Which are also super obscure and weird but I’ll let you check that out on your own.) And you spend your money on things that’ll change up or improve the flavor and health of your little meat dude. 

And at the end I guess you feed him to a giant head? 

Do I need to use the weird giant head picture again for a visual? 

There ya go. 

It’s pretty lit. 

So the best game coverage YouTube video of someone playing this game was someone I don’t know but uh he seems pretty cool I guess and heres a link to that if you want to watch the playthrough of the game. https://youtu.be/lknvwLVyaJg

Anyway this app is at the Google Play Store, doesn’t take up a crazy amount of storage and is FREE. So if you’re bored, you know what to do. 

And can we talk about this guys face like what even the fuck. 

You realize this is what the app looks like on your phone. It’s so fucking weird. I’d be more comfortable having a porn app on my phone. This thing probably is litterally haunting my phone, right now, as we speak. 

But ya know here’s the link to the app on the Google Play Store https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.magicdweedoo.mealmate

Bringing you weird shit from my afterlife adventure to keep you humans entertained- 

– Lemon Ghost


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