I’m sorry that I crave chaos

Day by day I taste it on the tip of my tounge

Chalk it up to being young, but I think this will last forever

I’m just a mess

Messy hair, messy life, I breathe it. 

I’m sorry that I smoke, that I drive and drive until I find a new place to call home

That the ciggerete smoke lingers on my shirts everytime I come home

That when you taste my lips you taste the ashes left in the ashtray 

Because I know you don’t like it, and some part of you is screaming for me like I’ve lost myself

But I haven’t-  

I am myself. I am exactly who I want to be and I am living my life exactly the way I feel I need to be, so don’t try to change me

I am fire and you will get burned

And I don’t need to fill you in on my philosophy 

So I’m sorry, 

I’m sorry that we will always agree to disagree

So long as we are together we will burn eachothers tounges, swallow and spit out words with feelings dull and numb

I’m sorry that I crave the chaos in the thunderstorm, that I chase tornados after vodka, and that I dance in the ocean. 

But I am chaos in the purest, so when I leave don’t you dare try to find me. 

Boy I am fire, and you will get burned. 

– Lemon Ghost


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