A Kiss

Why do we feel so much when other people kiss? It’s impolite to watch but as our eyes wander; moth to light, we can’t help but smile. It’s impolite to stare. Why do we care if their lips touch? Fingers touch my lips, and a phantom feeling rests there on my own. What does it mean? To them? To us? Why do we feel so much within ourselves? Our heart pulalsates, our palms sweat….but…for them? Do we really wish we were them? A picture perfect scene from a movie. Are we happy for them? This red flush on our cheeks is it because of them? ….is anyone truely happy alone? Or do we just tell ourselves that we are happy alone. That we enjoy the lonely atmosphere. That we crave isolation. I too, am guilty. Of swearing by the dark, but needing a light to see. I step in gravel with barefeet far too often and now I bleed. Why do we crave perfection? Under all our flaws and impurities, why does romance need to be the one thing thats perfect, pure…..So why am I smiling for someone else, for perfection. For something I don’t have. Shouldn’t I envy them? Is that wrong? We just tell ourselves one day we will be ‘that happy’ like we know what they are feeling. But is it true? Can we be that picture perfect magazine thing. The thing everyone is looking for. What is in a kiss? Poison or ecstacy? What is it that my eyes see that makes me feel so much? A kiss, and red flush on their cheeks. 

– Lemon Ghost 


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