Do I contradict myself?

“Do I contradict myself?” I asked sarcastically, and I repeated the question. “Do I contradict myself?” 

Beacause I am aware that I have. Because I’m a living, breathing, feeling thing. 

But I am also a scientist. 

Feelings and attitudes change, I learn new facts about something, I try to see it from YOUR perspective, from HER, perspective, and tragically I can’t do all at once. 

Perhaps I loved you once and now I don’t love you now, because you changed, because I changed because the situation changed, and I never said that made it okay, but it just is what it is isn’t it? 

So yes. I’ve contradicted myself. Because I exist in multitudes. Because my feelings are no more meaningless than a change in the wind. 

Because time not only changes opinions, but it changes variables. 

So yes, I contradict myself, because I am human. I am an everchanging being, and to stop learning, to stop evolving, to stop seeking, to stop contradicting….well I would no longer be human at all. To say you haven’t contradicted your self at somepoint, and to say you are some solid thinking never changing being, you sir are not a rock, you are a liar. Which is much worse, then contradicting yourself. 

-Lemon Ghost 


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