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These are only the cutest websites for your online shopping addiction needs. Trust me I know. Listed out are my personal favorites to browse through. If you click any of the links below they will take you straight to the website πŸ™‚ – enjoy

Lets get started;


Dollskill is a potluck of every strange tumblr aesthetic rolled into one big online store. It has, rave goth, and free-spirit vibes about it, and it is my personal favorite online store. On top of that, if you’re a babe on a budget, dollskill being designer clothes, they still have a good clearance selection. Products from their stores have included (*for limited times no guerentee these products are still available*) (*also keep in mind these are full priced products and you can find them cheaper on the clearance*)#hoes lookin out for other hoes 

(Not to mention they sell Demonia boots) 

teenage rampage glitter bell bottems $42

ballroom blitz metallic lace up skirt $55

makin it big cut out $38

sugarplum visionz cropped sweater $48

And not forget dollskills signature “weird” shoes. They have some of the absolute best shoes on the fucking internet. 

hologram creep queen platforms $48

current mood happy days platforms $98

For more go to their website listed above. 

Alright next. 

Black milk clothing

Black milk clothes has a wide variety of products from classy, boojay, to rave gear. 

While I’m not going to list out their products, if you’re looking for a new style, I reccomend giving black milk clothing a quick check out. 

O- Mighty

While O-Mightys website seems to be a bit glichy and hard to navigate, O-Mighty still manages to be in my top 5 places to shop online. All of their products are SO unique and worth every penny. Seriously. (*prices only listed on website*)

It’s pretty neato when you know the models of this company personally. Little black diamond is a designer festival and rave clothing sight. And honestly I would wear their shit on the day to day. While I will only list out a few of their products the website is definately out of this world and worth checking out. Especially if you have any EDM festivals coming up. 

For love and lemons
I can think of ALOT of reasons For Love And Lemons had to be mentioned on this list. The first being I AM THE LEMON GHOST. And it would just be wrong to not mention it because after all its in my name. And the second being, for love and lemons is not exactly your typical online clothing store but also a designer lingere store, for only the classiest of hoes. πŸ‹πŸ˜šπŸŒΈπŸ‹I will definately list out quite a few of their products, because lets just face it, they’re amazing to look at. 


Okay cooling down a little after all those sexy photos, heres a chill sight for only the most down to earth of us all. 

Earthbound trading company
I like Earthbound quite alot, and I always have. I think its a great store if you want those tumblr-y decorations in your house because it is not exclusively a clothing store but they sell home products as well. So they have a very ‘down to earth’ style and vibe. I think alot of their stuff is wearable to festivals and I wont list out a whole lot of their products. Being on this Lemon Ghost list tho, it’s definately something to check out especially if you’re  into that boho look. 


Boohoo is litterally for looking fine as hell on a budget. You wanna look boojay. You wanna look like you compareable to Kim K. You shop at Boohoo because they sell mock designer clothes. That look just like the actual designer clothes, but they sell them for hella cheap. 

So I won’t list out their products I’ll just have someone demonstate them for me. 

Click this link here.
Three left πŸ˜‰

While Kokopie’s website was a little glitchy, I did manage to snag their products from Pinterest to get a quick look book. 

Nearing the last of our tumblr aesthetic websites, pretty little thing has a very tough but soft vibe about it. Grunge grunge grunge xxxx. 

AND LAST but not least πŸ˜‰
Inu inu
For this last one, I’m not gonna list out their products, as I’m going to wrap this post up. (Hopefully with some Christmas paper and a tag with my name on it if you know what I mean) 

I do wish you all happy shopping. And I hope I’ve enlightened you with some new styles of clothing or maybe inspired you to try out some new trends. 

Nonetheless I hope you enjoy

– Lemon Ghost πŸ‹πŸ‘»


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