13 Reasons Why

(I told myself I wouldnt use this cheesy-ass tv show poster shit but here I am using it so fuck it. Go hard or go home.) 

*this page is full of spoilers and graphic content and because I can’t keep my mouth shut, this is your only warning*

My opinion, because everyone wants to hear the obnoxious dead lemon’s opinion on a tv show I know, I know, I understand. 

13 reasons why has had so much massive attention from the internet. In case you’ve never heard of it, because you live under a fucking rock, its a teen tv show about a girl who commited suicide and leaves behind tape recordings of herself, each side of the tape being another reason (person) that she killed herself. I mean that is the basis morality of the show, not to mention there are some pg-13 censored rape scenes. If thats going to bother you, HEADS UP, dont watch the show. You don’t watch serial killer documentaries if the whole idea of gore or murder bothers you, because of morals, or PTSD, or whatever. It’s just commen sense. Based on just knowing those two things alone, you have to expect the show got quite a heavy down pour of hate from people both sensitive to the subject, to angry moms who gave their kids access to netflix (yo thats your fault mom.) So again, in case you’ve never heard of it somehow. Here’s the trailer; https://youtu.be/JebwYGn5Z3E

So now my opinion; I love this show.

I think any teenager’s mom that’s mad at their kid, who is watching this show must have absolutly no idea what goes on in their kids daily highschool life. Do they honestly have a clue? 

And in case you don’t, your daughters have words like “whore” and “slut” thrown into their faces daily, and your sons are out chasing panties. They’re having parties, they’re being bullied, they’re doing drugs, they’re stress levels are higher than mental patients from the 1900’s and we wonder why.  And I know this isnt everybody in school– yes, moms, I’m sure your kid is a saint. And there are good kids, but even the good kids watch. You can’t blindefold your kids during school in hopes they won’t see the word “fuck” scripted in sharpie across the bathroom wall. I’m sorry. 

Back to the topic of the show; 

I do *however* find the show is *triggering* and upsetting to some. Cutting is a real issue among teens, as well as depression. But again it kinda falls into the catagory of, if you know its gonna bother you, don’t watch it. I absolutly DO NOT encourage you watch the show if you KNOW its gonna bother you. 

However it is one, incredibly well made. Two, incredibly realistic. And three,  incredibly intriguing. And will remain one of my favorite shows for a long time. 

I just really hope they don’t fuck it up with the season 2.  Which yes, has been confirmed. 

And if idea of the show hasn’t managed to upset you yet and you’re still curious and contemplating watching it I do highly reccomend it AS LONG as the sensitive topics don’t bother you. It is an amazing show if not appealing to late teens, then to early adults. 
– Lemon Ghost 


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