Birds in the Boneyard; Pop/Rock NewYork

Recently I’ve both discovered, and come into contact with a new self described Pop/Rock Blues trio, from Queens, New York, that goes by the name “Birds in the Boneyard“.

Their music gives us a fresh taste on Pop/Rock music coming into form in North America. Introduced to me by their single “Can’t Complain” (Which will of course be linked below as usual.), I fell in love with the bands quirky and vintage looks as well as the style of music they make. Its clear to see they’re driven by both talent and artistic expression, which is something I cannot fail to appriciate in this world of such money driven pop-culture. 

Birds in the Boneyard was formed by the twin brothers, Mikey and Petey Condolean. While Mikey and Petey are biological brothers , it’s no doubt Teo is considered by them to be their brother at heart. 
The trio says, “The band started as a fun summer project, we were just playing the kind of music we were passionate about.” 

“It became serous when our original songs started gaining popularity and our shows began to draw in bigger and bigger crowds every event.” 

Their shows, were starting out in a small venues, like this place called Stautons, where they played their first show, and now playing in much more serious venues. 

Within the first 5 times of playing
, their music really took off and became more popular. Now releasing music videos, their career is taking flight. Ready to book shows in hundreds of venues. 

These guys are genuine characters. They have put blood, sweat, and tears to bring a little bit of themselves to the fans, and people listening to their music, “in the most warm and organic way possible“, and they say “you can hear it in the music.” 
And you can. You can feel the passionate, unique, and artistic bold drive behind the music they’re making, and it is quite good

They’re music is exactly what they want it to be. It’s an experiance. It’s experiencing a little bit of themselves with every show played. 

Reguardless to the style of music you’re used to, I highly recommend giving them a listen. 

So here is the link to their single “Can’t Complain”. CLICK HERE

And here is a little bit of their exclusive photo’s for the Lemon Gallary; 🙂

– Lemon Ghost


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