24 hours ago; SnapChat

​In the last 24 hours, but also throughout the last month in general, I’ve had some amazing adventures. Running off of caffine, splenda, bread, and cigarettes. I’ve visited so many locations close to my home. 
Let me tell you there is beauty in the small places. There is adventure in places you wouldn’t expect adventure. And while normally I don’t post about personal experiances, I wanted to share some aesthetic photos and stories, think of it as just a little taste in the life of a lemon ghost. 🍋👻

First off you need to understand, me and my friends practically live at Waffle House. I think we spend 6 hours at a time there when we go. It’s kind of crazy. And while Denny’s is still a restaurant that I love, (and trust me Denny’s memories were made) the Waffle House has become the hot spot where we meet. 

So this little collection is what I like to call, Waffle House Aesthetic. 

Yes, I made a dick joke on my SnapChat. I’m allowed to do that. 

Also, we found a local 24hour flower and plant shop; and yes, I love the time filter on SnapChat its one of my favorites, thanks for asking bitch. 

Flenis jokes c”:

Still haven’t figured out where I live? Good. It’s none of your fucking buisness ya prick. c:

“I don’t need you or your brand-new Benz

Or your bougie friends”

Okay back to photography and adventure; heres the rest that im adding to the Lemon Gallary. 

You’re welcome**

– Lemon Ghost


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