Dead End Roads

Obsessive? Maybe a little. But what good is it to be so dispassionate about everything. 

Afraid? Very. My mind is racing along side my heart beat on a horse track. Stampede of feelings pouring like floodgates. 

Hurt? My ego. My pride. My feelings. How lame. Who are you to give two fucks? To throw those fucks out the window. Because hey, I like you, because hey, we fucked. 

Pathetic? Moronic?  If you could just see yourself the way I see you would we even have this problem? Or would we just have more? 

Idiotic? Ive caved. And I let myself cave. I let myself stoop down to this low, deep, dark cave, where I do not deserve to crawl out of. 

In love?… oh yes. Tragically, deeply, like a slit wrist it hurts and it burns. Truely. You wouldn’t understand. How bad it hurts to be in love with the wrong person, exept it hurts worse when they are the right person. It wasn’t supossed to hurt at all. So why do I keep chasing dead end roads. 

– Lemon Ghost


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