Snapchats And Malt Liquer 

We lay in a world of bipolar solidity.

Photos that say “yes we did it” 

But lies that say no we didnt. 

5 second video evidence against us. 

But chats that dissappear in a matter of seconds. 

Every moment being captured on camera. Polaroid pictures being exploited. 

Drugs and alcohol washing away the memory. 

“Did that even really happen?” I have to ask myself. Day after day. 

I’m a ghost afterall. 

Disappearing with every falling wave. 

Every cycle of friends that changes. 

Every party trick swept under the rug. 

Put on a face. Take a selfie. Fake your life. 

Somewhere between snap chats and malt liqueur I find myself. 

Only you know who you are right?

Not some 5 second video proof. 

Not some heartbreak that happened way too long ago. 

– Lemon Ghost


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