Voices in my Head

​I just….i think im in love with you. Is that too bold to say, too bold to do. Maybe I know it and I dont want to think about it. It crawls up my spine and rests in my stomach. I care so much, I try to care so little. Your fingertips over mine, I fail to think with logic. The voices in my head, well they’re screaming about it now, but they dont shut up about you. And I didn’t mean to fall in love because I didn’t want to. And somehow I knew it would be you. So now im invested, who knew, like pop rock candy I’m running out of pretty words to chew, and I can only hope you don’t break me too. Because God knows I’m already broken. But I just know if you let go it’ll be the death of me. I’ll be more broken, and I’ll never wanna blame you. 

– Lemon Ghost


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