I am shit

I have no idea if this song is legit or satire. But I’d be lying if I didnt say it hits hard. 

Language is scary when over-analysed,
Every word that I say seems far too controlling.
What are your intentions? I’m ashamed by mine.
When I’m thinking too much to realize i’m unkind.

Pretend that I’m nicer than I’ll ever be,
I am selfish and deluded, enjoy my hypocrisy.
Complain that I’m bored, when being bored is a privledge.
Act like I’m suffering, there’s no suffering in this.

First world problems, they breed in my head

Ethical contridictions between my actions and what I’ve said.
I should just shut my mouth as evidence piles against me,
that I’m so much worse than I think, exposed as a phoney.

I am shit, I am shit
nurr-nurr-nurr-nurr fucking dick.
I am shit, I am shit
nurr-nurr-nurr-nurr-nurr-nurr” – Crywank

LINK CLICK HERE https://youtu.be/NDl_rNXiaqU

– Reposted by Lemon Ghost


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