When I wake up I’m afraid

I’m scared I will never love again. I will never crave your touch, your lips, your voice. I’ll never want your taste to linger on my lips. Nor your lips on my thigh. I will not hesitate to leave, to walk away from toxicity. Am I stronger than iron? Melting away in this fire. I’ll not miss the swift movement of your hair between my fingertips, the depth of your eyes that my sullen self had fallen so accustomed to. How do I know what is good for me? I’m afraid of feeling anything, its like a light has gone out within me. I reside inside myself. You can find me if you need me. This is not what my world consists of. Not how it was supossed to be. These feelings are not there, it’s not real, I could scream. Its all lights out inside of here, inside of me. Would you recognize me my dear? My heart is not the same as when you fell so deeply into me, I can assure you. My face in this dim lit light is not the same as you used to crave. 

– Lemon Ghost 


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