I can’t sleep. My eyes hurt. My heart hurts, and so does yours. I’m sorry for the pain, but are you sorry for mine? Love is a two way street, but my sides under a landslinde, and now I’m covered in this dirt-I can’t breathe. The weight of the Earth crushing my chest, each tiny grain of sand adding to the volatile mass. I want to cry. But nothing seems to come out. I can only stare blankly ahead now. Something in me has changed, and this is the second time around. Why did I expect you to understand? You don’t see through my mask. I’m drowning in here. 

Truth be told I don’t want to live, so why am I still here? I tell my self if I fell off a cliff or hung myself you’d finally listen. You’d finally understand the damage you’ve been causing. And nobody meant to hurt the other but we are toxic around each other. We melt through skin like battery acid, rip it to shreads, we are garbage disposals. Aborbing each other and screaming FUCK OFF until our voices are hoarse and hushed. 

Its 3:43am and I don’t know how much more I can take.

– Lemon Ghost


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