Valentine’s Day special

Well, I honestly don’t know why I’m writing this…

Today was Valentine’s Day. And even if you may be like me, and do not care much for the holiday, I do have one reccomendation for you. Do one nice thing for someone you know. And if you have a hard time thinking of something to do, (or maybe like me, you’re just plain lazy,) just give someone you care about a hug. Doesn’t matter who. Maybe someone who needs it. Or maybe a family member. Or a good friend. They could use some positivity. So could all of us at some point or another. So if you don’t like the “lovey-dovey Valentine’s Day”, use it for a better purpose instead. 


…But why did I write this post? 

Maybe because I didn’t have somebody to call my “Valentine”? Could be, but I still don’t think so. I don’t really care too much for this holiday anyway. 
Because I’m lonely? Not really, no… I have good family and friends around me, and I had a good time with them. 

Could it be because I’m having a rough time with life? No, in fact, I’m having a great time with life… 

Actually… I know why I wrote this post. Because I appreciate what I’ve got. And I know what it’s like to hit that rough bottom with life. I know how it feels, and I also know what it’s like when people around you come to help you and understand you and support you. So perhaps I should just give a another simple reccomendation to everybody. Appreciate who you’ve been given. And maybe, just maybe, give them a little something to appreciate from you. A good Valentine’s gift. 


-<< The Strawberry Spirit >>-


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