​It’s 12:27, and it’s been a really long day. 

You release a long and shaky breath

As you flop onto your welcoming bed. 




You roll over and glance at the alarm.

The glaring red numbers read 12:51 AM

Scolding you for staying up this late.


It’s not your fault you’re still up though… 

You want sleep, but your mind is running

Processing thoughts, feelings, emotions. 

Why did you skip school? 

Why didn’t you do homework? 

You are a complete idiot.


A quick thought dismisses all those thoughts

And you find yourself still in your bed

Though now, your angry clock reads 2:07.


You roll over onto your other side

And throw your arm across your head

Covering your eyes… Its comfortingly cool.


That feels nice…

I wish it would stay like that

But I can’t sleep like this… 


You throw your arm back to your side

And stare upward, trying to see something

But there is nothing to see in the pitch black. 


Then the questions roll back into your mind,

And not a single one of them get a response.

Just like a boxer, your thoughts pummel you. 


Why can’t you do something good? 

Why can’t you do something? 

Why can’t you do anything? 


Once again, you sweep your head clear

Trying to stop the aggravating questions

That plague your mind this sleepless night…


Oh, but your mind isn’t done with you yet. 

There’s still one big question yet to haunt you

That will steal sleep quicker than wind a kite. 


Does she love me? 

Does she even still like me? 

Does she even care? 


A tired mind begins throwing things around

Trying to get an explanation to the questions

Desperately looking for some kind of answer. 


And then the next thing you know, 

You’re being woken up by a familiar beep. 

The alarm reads 6:30… And you’re even more




You drag yourself out of your warm bed

Already thinking of last night’s thoughts

…Today’s gonna be another long day…


-<< The Strawberry Spirit >>-

(image credit: Alex Grey) 


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