Mars Argo & Titanic Sinclair (Re-Release)

Mars Argo and Titanic Sinclair, since their original channel has been deleted, a few of their old videos have popped up recently on the YouTube. #MarsArgo&TitanicSinclair are back? We all desperately miss the iconic duo and their refreshing take on the internet. Wouldn’t it be nice if they were?

They are not, however their old videos are still very refreshing when they resurface the web. 

I am in hopes that all of their videos will surface back to YouTube at some point in time. I feel they are full of charisma, character, and depth. 

So here is Mars Argo and Titanic Sinclair’s video “Ask Me A Fucking Question” to follow up their video “Delete your Facebook”.



Hopefully this leaked re-released video wont be taken off YouTube anytime soon for copyright. 
I hope to add more of their surfaced videos in the future. And also include some of those videos of That Poppy. 

– Lemon Ghost 


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