The Rule of Three

Call this a short “religious” lesson. Enlightenment. Whatever. 
Generally I like the idea that we are educated on religion enough (not to rule out religions) to say why we believe what we believe. This is different for everyone. As everyone has a different take or perspective on how the world works. And I personally wanna respect everyone for what it is they believe in, provided it doesn’t “harm” anyone. * I respect your beliefs so long as your beliefs dont disrespect anyone elses existance*

So here goes a short lesson on a few things I believe in//and also find quite interesting;

The Rule of Three is a Pagan//Wiccan law or theory that states whatever energy a person puts out whether that be negative or positive will be return to that person three times over. (Also sometimes called the Three Fold rule//Rule of Thirds) 

This kinda backtracks itself to the idea of Karma. Which is found in multiple religions. Even in Christianity where there are repercussions to your actions. I.e. Sin = Bad so Sinning = Hell. 

Karma is the Sanskrit word for “action”. It is equivalent to Newtons Law in saying “every action must have a reaction”. When we think, speak, or act (some people think karma only effects when physical actions take place whereas others see it as a movement of energy therefore it would take effect because of a simple thought) we initiate a force that will react accordingly. This returning  force may be modified, changed, or suspended, but more than likely wont be eradicated. As sound waves would react differently in different environments so would energy waves in different environments. 

I very much like reading about these theories and I hope you guys do too, I may post more like it in the future. 

-Lemon Ghost


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