In our lifetime we meet people that are stardust, black holes, asteroids, moon children and aliens. We are the generation of the space frontier. We are the wanderers who know we belong elsewhere, and yet here we are. We meet people that light up our world for a bit…and people that just seem to wreck it. But sometimes we meet people that are more than that. We meet people who are not mere comets but have entire galaxies growing within them and stars flickering in their eyes, full of ideas and color and life. Those people become our entire universe without even knowing it, because they’re bright, mesmerizing, and we get lost inside the vast arrays and atoms that make them up as a person. And I guess what I’m trying to say is everyone might be made of stardust, but some people are made with magic. You are made of magic. So don’t you dare say you’re not special or worth it goddamnit because I’ve seen the light inside of you and I know you’re made of clusters of stars and other worlds. You are so much more than the spacedust and trash that clouds your head at night. Don’t get sucked into the void babe because you are my universe and I am stardust watching you from afar. 
-Lemon Ghost


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