SIM (Sara is Missing) 

I have one complaint. Only one. WHY IS THIS GAME SO FUCKING SHORT BECAUSE IT WAS SO FUCKING GOOD?!?!?!????? (It needs to be longer) (That’s what she said) (I’m not sorry)

Okay guys, this is my, sort-of abrupt  (just because I can’t give out any spoliers) review of SIM or Sara is Missing game. 

*slight warning this game is a litttttttle on the graphic side and is a horror game before clicking the launch trailer link below* *just a friendly warning* *scoot scoot*
So here’s the game trailer. Just so you can get a general feel of the intriguing game that is SIM. 

Sara is Missing is an app game available HERE for free on the Google play app store. It is a  very interactive, and consuming horror game, seemingly played in real time. It is one of the best of its kind.  Jacksepticeye and Markiplier have done a gameplay of it on YouTube if you want to check them out click on their user names above^^. 

The plotline is (without giving spoilers) you have found a strangers phone (aka Sara’s phone) And weird things start to happen to it as you begin…*ahhem*…snooping through the phone. 

Siri (Oh wait I’m sorry) I mean…Iris** (play on words there) an app character in the game is a calming helping hand giving you advice throughout the senarios. 



So yeah. Five stars from me. Minus the sad fact the game isn’t longer. I would love to see an extended version, even if it was something I had to buy. I really think you guys should check it out if you get a chance, especially because it’s not a very long game, but rather an experiance

(Omfg I should do an FNAF review)

– Lemon Ghost


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