I’m Slightly Bitter (Not sorry)

Dear WordPress users and other people who may or may not give a shit about me,
The holidays have never actually been my forte and if you’re keeping up with my posts at all you can see I haven’t been posting much, and it’s because I’m depressed as shit. “Why are writer’s always depressed?”

I’m really not sure. I can’t answer your question right now. *please leave a message after the beep*

It’s not the “I’m depressed and wanna vent my feelings” depressed. And its not me being heartbroken because holy hell I’ve done that and this little spirit is a single Pringle for a reason. It’s just unmotivated depression. I’m a fucking sloth. 

(That sloth is not depressed enough -.-)

Hi jk, I’m a ghost not a sloth bitches. Get it right. I think I’ve said I haven’t been posting recently enough times now that you all understand (probably) (that one guy in the back he doesn’t get it somebody wake him up) I’m trying out this new game (Sara is Missing, or SIM) And I also hope to post some movie reviews soon because I’ve been binge watching movies like there’s no tomorrow. *plot twist* *There is no tomorrow bc I’m dead lol* 

I just realized I probably should’ve just said “I’m busy for the holidays” like every other moron insted of bringing my mental health into this WHOOPS. 

–  Lemon Ghost


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