Vaporwave Aesthetics  (Game)

First and foremost, what is vaporwave //vaporwave aesthetic and why is it so iconic? 
Vaporwave is a genre of weird and obscure music thats *almost alot* like elevator music. Vaporwave Aesthetic is a branch of photography that looks somthing like……this..;

It has gained in popularity since about 2007 and has made a sweet impression on our younger generations.

Vaporwave and aesthetic go hand in hand and are slowly taking over the internet. 

While Vaporwave is a style of music and aesthetic mostly applies to visual aspects and appeal to things. SOMEBODY created a Vaporwave Aesthetic *game* (more of a visual musical walkthru) Out of curiousity alone I downloaded this game in hopes of finding something entertaining and weird…and boy did i find it. 

As a huge fan of vaporwave music myself (especially stuff like Baths, Blank Banshee, and Black Moth super Rainbow) and for the simple fact my whole blog is entirely made up of aesthetic shit, it was inevitable that I had to blog about this game. 

Screenshots taken from the game to add to the lemon gallery;

I feel this game is a personal experiance and I highly  reccomend you check it out youself especially if you’re into that sort of thing or you feel like coming across something weird and interesting. So if you are interested, you can check it out here at the app store. 🙂

☆~ Lemon Ghost


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