☆☆☆Nerve (the movie) V.S. Nerve IRL☆☆☆

Are you a watcher or player? The movie Nerve staring Emma Roberts was fast paced, action filled, with a side-plate full of romance. Here’s a trailer for the movie in case you have no idea what im talking about. (I reccomend watching it anyway just to get a feel of the movie)

Nerve itself (in the movie) is an app//computer game, ‘it’s truth or dare without the truth’ And has an awesome dark web//vaporwave feel to the game.

There are players and watchers. Players recive dares and have to accomplish them within a certain time period all while capturing it on their smartphone, for the watchers, who do exactly as implied, watch the players do the dare via live web broadcast. The players try to obtain the most amount of watchers by doing crazy, dangerous, and sometimes illegal things and recive a pay off for doing it. Meanwhile the watchers are the ones giving the dares out, and therefore fueling the game. 

This whole movie was an adrenaline rush, and made me question why does this not exist irl? Obviously, and more than likely, because of how dangerous it is. People can get into serious trouble,can get injured, or even die. (Which isn’t rocket science, it’s explained in the movie) But for those of us who have the nerve to do it……you get the point. 

After doing a little research I found 3 apps that somewhat do a safe, more responsible version of this game for your smartphone. 

Nerve (the app)Is pretty much a walkthrough of the movie… While the way it looks is identical to the movie it is not entirely the same game as the movie but rather you are playing as the characters in the movie and you are not playing in real-time with other players online. This upset alot of people who felt misleaded downloading the app in hopes it was just like the game in the movie, so to clear that up, it’s not.  I gave it 3 stars on the app store and wrote in “good try”. But it definitely DOESN’T require the backbone of the Nerve game from the movie. However if you simply want a walk thru of the movie video game style, go ahead and give it a try

Double Dog is an app in the app store with a similar concept as the Nerve app from the movie. Not nearly as aesthetic or dark looking…in fact it looks pretty harmless. In double dog, you get dared by random people via the web things that ARNT ILLEGAL (unfortunetly) And also recive a pay off from it (usually of small amounts like $1-10.) While the concept of this game is more similar to Nerve, upon playing, sadly, all I found was desperate men seeking sexual attention i.e. *I dare you to send a nude*, and no other GOOD DARES. If you don’t do it you have to pay them THREE TIMES the amount they offered. No thank you. For the idea and concept itself I ended up giving 3 stars, it is probably still the closest to an irl nerve game, and it is available in the app store if you want to check it out.

The last app, is called Periscope. And while Periscope isn’t a truth or dare game, it is sending and receiving videos live and watching//chatting in real time also much like the app in the movie Nerve. It is also in the play app store here.

While it would be totally dangerous and on the surface web it probably wont happen, I would love to try to play the game nerve and hide behind a username to be double dared into doing fun stuff. Unfornuntly with the dangerous potential…it probably won’t happen. But if it does, you know where to find me. 

~Lemon Ghost


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