Jack the Ripper; A Horror Bio

So since my good friend *The Strawberry Spirit* posted their short fan fiction story on Jack the Ripper I thought I’d get into the *real* stories of Jack the Ripper. So here is a short bio of the real Jack the Ripper. 

(And yes In case You didn’t know Jack the Ripper was an actual person) 

Jack the Ripper was sort of a *stage name* given to an unknown serial killer in London. He had other names as well such as The Whitechapel Killer, or The Whitechapel Murderer. 

His victims consisted of mostly women prostitutes; where as in the story by the strawberry spirit Jack the Ripper is murdering his wife, however I personally don’t consider it too far fetched and I love the writing style of *The Strawberry Spirit*. 

To go into blunt gruesome detail (because I’m a ghost and you see this stuff doesn’t quite bother me as much;as it is I lack flesh) Jack the Ripper would leave them with their throats slit and abdomen brutally mutilated from a knife. 

Though the identity of Jack the Ripper isn’t known, many believe that he must’ve had some sort if medical//doctor background because of the incisions he made in some of his victims; and in some had taken whole organs out. 

There’s your history lesson of the day kids. Hope you have some sweet nightmares. 

With love

~ Lemon Ghost


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