Kuchisake-Onna; An Urban Legend

Kuchisake-Onna aka the slit mouthed women is another one of my favorite urban legends, Also originating from Japan, like the Aki Manto.

There’s not much of a backstory to this malicious spirit other than in her former life she was mutilated by her husband.

The scariest part of this urban legend is there have been alleged ‘sightings’ of the ghost dating back to the 1960’s. And in October 2007, someone found some old records from the late 1970’s about a woman who was chasing little children. She was then hit by a car, and died shortly after. Her mouth was ripped from ear to ear.

So according to the legend, she walks around wearing a surgical mask to hide her face and wears all black. And appears to be a beautiful women. The woman will approach you and ask “Am I pretty?” If you answer no, she will kill you with a pair of scissors, which she carries around, (doesn’t everybody?) If you answers yes, she will pull away the mask, revealing that her mouth is slit from ear to ear, and ask “Am I pretty now?” If you answer no, she will cut you in half. If you answer yes, then she will slit his/her mouth like hers.

As the legend goes it is virtually impossible to run away from her, as she will simply reappear in front of the victim. (Which is terrifying)

Some people say she can also be confused by answering her question with answers such as “You are average”. (Something differing from the yes or no) Another option is to flip her questions around, like asking her “Do you think I’M pretty?” This will cause the ghost to dissappear as it does not know what to do with these answers and will move on to another victom.
Another version of the story says if you DON’T answer her she will follow you home and brutally murder you.

So I guess life lesson learned, we should all just stay inside our homes safely forever. Or at the very least always have an “outing” buddy.

Once Again, thanks Japan.

~ Lemon Ghost


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