“Real Jobs” are bullshit anyway

Whatever your age, you assume (or more than likely others assume for you) ‘it’s  just time’ to go out and get a real job. 
*Let me just say this post absolutely is not for people who work under other people and LOVE their job and do what they love every fucking day. This is for the student that feels stuck, the single mom who hates her job but struggles to pay rent, the artist who works double shifts and still stays up till 4am finishing a painting, who feels his work goes unappreciated…..this is for you* 

 First off. Let’s start with what do i mean by “Real”

A job is “real” when you work for it right?

Cleaning toilets is real, dealing with shittty customers is real, getting coffee for your superiors is real, supporting a family on minimum income because you dont fucking have time for school- thats real. It’s real life bullshit and it sucks. 

I’m talking about desk jobs, office jobs, cooperate rewarding jobs vs self achievement jobs, non-traditional jobs. (Such as artist, modeling, event coordinator, street musician//performer, actor,house sitter,professional joint roller, I don’t know, the stuff you *more than likely* didn’t actually go to school for)  *Altho desk jobs ARE for some people it’s not for everyone* I guess sometimes you have to ask yourself, Are you being forced to fall in love with the color beige? 

If you already know that getting a desk job isn’t want you want. Why would you settle for less? There is litteraly no where where a guarantee is written that having a desk job means having a good living. 
The fact is we need income, and not just that we need stable income. But how stable is our income if were not the ones in control of it? Let me put it this way. Your income is only stable until your boss says “You’re fired”. How stable is that really?  

Many employees believe getting a job is the safest and most secure way to support themselves.
But imagine haveing 10+ incomes all controlled by you. You can start an internet buisness or create a website to have money flowing into your account while you nap.

But of course it cost me a lot of money to launch a *theoretical* business, right? A little time and some pocket change maybe. NOT TO MENTION your local bookstore is litteraly filled with books containing workable systems others have already designed, tested, and debugged. And if you’re reading this at all you have *at least* two fingers probably and the internet at the tips of said fingers on your WHAT?? SMARTPHONE?? Even your grandma knows how to use one. If youre a reasonably intelligent person with a little research nothing is impossible. (I know I sound like such a goddamn optimist) You’ve stopped feeding your own individual ability to gain knowledge independently. After you’ve left becoming a student you stop thinking for yourself as a *how can i individually make money* sort-of way because you become conditioned to do things a certain way. A cooperate//professional way. 

So you might as well emerge a FUCKING GOD of workable income systems as opposed to a lifelong wage slave. #RichBitch #Don’tNeedNoMan 

Ok if you don’t think you can accomplish something like that on your own; try this. Partnerships are better than dictatorships. 

This means whatever you couldn’t accomplish single handedly can sure be accomplished between you and a few friends. Splitting a wage between 2-4 people is better than gaining a wage you don’t control. 

Fact is you don’t reaaaallly have security if you don’t have control. 
Another reason people keep their life-less desk jobs is many people treat their jobs as their primary social outlet. Hello??Join a club. Read a Book. Go dancing. If your “BFF” who works in cooperate in the identical grey cublical right next to yours stops calling you after you leave your job SHE’S NOT YOUR FRIEND. That’s called a cooperate image. 
You get praises online via social media; i.e. “You lucky bitch you got the job.” Or in the office, “Look you win a new flower pot for being an obidiant dog in the office” 

Let me say this once. And hope it sticks. “NO AMOUNT OF PRESTIGE IS WORTH YOUR HAPPIENESS”

None. Nada. 

“It’s so important to get a job so you have experiance” Bullshit. Total bullshit.  
Sit around doing nothing for a couple years, and you can call yourself an experienced meditator. Watch Netflix too often you can call yourself a movie connoisseur. Go out partying when you’re supposed to be doing college homework and mix all your friends drinks for them you can say you have professional bartending//drink mixing experiance. You KNOW this game. You’ve been playing it since you were 16 on every job application ever. If life experience can land you a job then life experiance is all you’re going to end up getting out of a job. You gain experiance by living life. 

Especially for artists a downside to having a cooperate job is that you feel you may not have any real value to offer others. You push your idea of a dream job up your ass so far no body even knows it’s there. When was the last time you even asked yourself what your dream job would be? Being an artist is being a bloody fish in a world full of hungry sharks. “That’s not a real job” “That’s just a hobby” (P.S. in case know one told you, sell your art online dumbass)

Hobbies can be real jobs too. Read How to turn your hobby into a job right here!

It’s not like anybody wants to wear a post it note on their forehead telling everyone they don’t have a “Real job” (I mean unless you’re me. *happily jobless* 
My point is; there’s no excuse to be miserable while you make money. You have options and hopefully this will be a kick in the ass to some of you who need to understand that. 

I want everyone to understand not having a job doesn’t mean not having income. You are allowed to be *happily jobless* 

~ Lemon Ghost 


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