About Me;Le Lemon Ghost🍋👻

*sips coffee casually*

So you wanna know about me? Who I am and what it’s worth to you? You wanna get close to me and learn about the lemon ghost club? Well the first rule about lemon ghost club is you don’t talk about lemon ghost club. “Wait there’s a lemon ghost club????” WELL THERE IS NOW BITCHES I JUST SAID IT. 

That whole introduction was shit. *sighs internally*

Where was I?

Oh right. 

I am the Lemon Ghost. I’m made entirely of glitter, coffee, and anxiety. I’m an agender pansexual dead person and if you don’t like that, congrats you have an opinion, join the rest of the universe. 

I currently reside in grave #14.2 If you ever feel like hanging out. 

You can always summon me using coffee bean pentagrams and Starbucks. Everyone knows I love that shit. Even ghosts thrive in caffeinated garbage. 

Aesthetics are my go-to thing. And that’s kinda what this entire blog is about. For the most part. 

Also I’m single. *wink wink* Seeking other asexual ghosts between the ages of 18-ohwhatever we’re dead as fuck. Who cares? 


In a past life I’m fairly sure I was a fairy or a God so whatever. 

In my free time, I make art, do free lance writing, (both of which will eventually be posted about) and sip glasses of red wine while riding down the road on my skateboard and ghost costume knowing somewhere deep down I am not normal. Keep it classy. 

I have to keep this blog real and stay true to myself. If anyone’s actually keeping up you know I make a new post everyday. 

Annddd…here’s a little bit more photography to add to the lemon gallery…

*signs this document in glitter gel pen*

~ Lemon Ghost


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