☆☆Fractalstars; A models bio☆☆

Fractalstars is an agender aspiring model; with aesthetic space princess looks that SLAY.

Currently residing in California, fractalstars is 21 years old and despite not graduating high school, due to medical concerns, is also a botany teacher, make-up artist//real time artist, and event coordinator. 19 when they started, now mostly doing modeling and make-up for Little Black Diamond, they also model for Damaccus, This is a Love SongPet Pigeons, Nikki Lipstick, Macy Daisy, and Demonia.

With a body dripping in art from head to toe, fractalstars has ear piercings, dahlia piercings, labret peircing, septum piercing, a forehead dermal, a brightly colored hair to tie it all together.

Fractalstars also has 9 tattoos including a half sleeve.

In 2013, fractalstars was featured in Headhunterz music video “United Kids of the World” and also the teaser for the music video.

Fractalstars says “I just wanted to be a cat, I grew up to be an adult insted.” 

See the rest of fractalstars featured gallery on lemon ghost aesthetic shit blog gallery below.

☆☆Lastly, a special personal thank you from lemon ghost to fractalstars for allowing me to use their beautiful photos for my personal blog. I really hope to be able to write about you more in the future. And talking with you has been so much fun. You are truly inspirational. Keep up the good work!!☆☆

~ Lemon Ghost


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