Strange but Cute Body Mods

Ten Aestetically Strange and Cute Body Modifications…

other than your classic tattoos and septum peircings… get over it tumblr

So I’m just gonna jump right into this. This goes without saying; I absolutely love body modifications, because I’m a total weirdo. Here are some seriously aesthetically pleasing body mod ideas that just might get the creative weirdo wheels in your head turning.

*warning aesthetically pleasing photos ahead*

1. Split Tongue

One of the more common on this list, rising in popularity these last few years, is (You probably guessed it from the title) Splitting your tongue! Yes… In half. so it’s almost like you have two tongues? As far as Body Modifications go, this is one of the top body modifications that can be hidden ‘in plain sight’ you could say. The surgery to get a split tongue is very fast, very easy, and to my own suprise, reversible if desired. Tongue splitting can cost anywhere from $500 to $2500 and is not compeatly unusual//unheard of.

2. ERL Bridge Piercing
A bridge piercing is a facial piercing through the skin on the bridge of the nose. Sometimes just called a bridge piercing, earl piercing, or ERL piercing. It is an uncommon one at that.

The problem with the ERL piercing is the risk of your body rejecting the piercing is so damn high, likewise with most surface piercings. It’s also more than likely going to leave a nasty scar. (But you knew that right?) Piercing on the bridge of your nose is generally very painful, although I’ve never experienced it myself. An alternative to this piercing (in my opinion) (that is if you love the look and don’t want to endure the procedure.) You can always wear stick on bindies, face paint, stick on jewelry, or simply draw on the dots with a little extra eyeliner.

3. Blacklight Tattoos
Made with inks that glow under an ultraviolet light, blacklight tattoos do not JUST come in white but several other blacklight ‘glowing’ colors.

Black light tattoos are created using ultraviolet (UV) reactive ink. This means that a blacklight tattoo is *pretty much* invisible in daylight, but will come to life when viewed under an ultraviolet bulb.Black light tattoos cost more and take longer to ink on than traditional tattoo.

4. Pointed Ears

*my personal favorite*, ear pointing is process of altering the shape of the human ears resulting in a non-human, elf-like appearance for aesthetic purposes. The most common method is to remove a small portion at the top of the ear, and then sew the two edges back together into a point. However a newer procedure has been developed by Samppa Von Cyborg, (whom of which I’m a total nerd for) which gives the pointed ears a more natural look and feel. Cost of ear pointing is about $6,000 on average. Screamkiwi did a review on her ears if you want to check it out

5. Lace Piercings//Corset Piercings

Lace piercings are circular hooks re- pierced multiple times mostly side to side to look like a corset being laced up the body. (As you can see in the picture) However come in various other designs such as a pentagram. Most corset piercings are intended to be temporary as they cause too many health risks to keep them in, and are rarely worn for more than a week. Piercings are often done for aesthetic reasons. Scarring from these peircings are usually unnoticeable or non-existent. The coolest thing to me about these piercings is you can have them placed on multiple parts of your body including hands, feet, back, chest, arm, sides, neck, and legs. So many to choose from.

6. Teeth Sharpening; aka Real Life Fangs

For those of you who have decided you want real vampire fangs or all around shark teeth, modern dentistry has the tools and procedures that can do that for you. (If you’re into that sorta thing) If you’re looking for a modern do it yourself form of tooth sharpening you canalways go get a diamond coated nail file right? Terrifyingly enough, a *surprising* number of people actually prefer to do file their teeth into sharp points themselves… *cringes*

I personally would rather skip this procedure all together. If you want cute adoreable kawaii vampire fangs (especially if its for something like haloween or a photoshoot) I highly reccomend Steve Bosworth at Custom Fangs. They are less than $200, you can keep them so long as you don’t break them, and they are just as astaestetically pleasing as you could hope for. Screamkiwi also does a really fantastic review of them if you are curious.

7. Eyeball Tattooing

What it sounds like, eyeball tattooing is when you get your eyeballs tattooed. And though it may look stunning, be warned, going blind from this procedure is totally a possibility. Let me just clear that up. This is not something I would do personally. Luna Cobra claims to be ‘the inventor of eyeball, or sclera, tattooing’ And claims she has ‘fine-tuned both the technique and materials to increase the safety and minimize the risks of tattooing the eyeball.’ 

Grace Neural, who also has her belly button removed, is featured in the photo above with her inked eyes. *whatever floats your goat* (I still think she’s georgous)

8. Corneal Tattooing; (Is not the same as Eyeball Tattooing)

Corneal tattooing is the practice of tattooing the cornea of the human eye. The main reason people choose to do this is for cosmetic appearance. However it still isn’t a very popular procedure, mostly because of the health risks and concerns are far as the procedure goes. A lot of places simply WON’T do it, as going blind from the procedure is still a HUGE possibility. Corneal tattooing is very difficult to perform precisely. Often, the area tattooed fades after time and rarely remains permanently.

9. Lip and Cheek Windows
A ‘Lip Window’ body modification is basically the same as the plugs you see stretched ears. Aside from placement, there’s not much else to say about it as it is rarely done. And for good reason! Look at that thing. Same goes for the cheek.
It is a very uncommon peircing. (I wonder why)

10. Smiley Peircing

Probably the MOST commen piercing on this list, it is an oral piercing done through the frenulum. It’s called the smiley piercing simply because of its placement, you can only see it ‘when you smile’. It’s not supposed to be very painful. And costs anywhere between $30 – $80 to get done.

That’s all my weird for today lovelys. Have fun destroying your body’s aesthetically.
~ Lemon Ghost


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