Hide and Seek; Indie Horror

Normally, I wouldn’t post too much about games//gaming, but this game has a well earned spot in my book. I personally see myself as a *casual gamer*,, so that being said it wont be too often that I post about games. However, this one in particular I’ve been obsessively playing for damn near three weeks now. And it has definitely been the cause of some insomnia and poor eating habits (because it’s just so damn addictive!!!)(Also I finally beat it)( for the record it didnt take three weeks to beat i only played in my free time). *you thought*


Hide and Seek is an Indie Horror Game that you can download for free in the Google Play App store. You play as a young girl named Dorthy who wakes up in her bed with no memory, and quickly finds that her family and maids in the house are no where to be found. Totally not sketchy.

Altho it is a horror game with plenty of creepy//scary aspects to it, (Including a giant skull head that chases you around, rooms that go to no where, blood crying statues, and ‘pop up’ characters… spoilers, I’m sorry) it is also a puzzle game, with a well thought out plot line, and an ‘old school’ layout to it. (as you can see from the picture)
I love that this game carried a full story along with it, and we learn the story as we go like an interactive story book, (i wont compeatly spoil it don’t worry) unlike some OTHER Indie Horror Apps I’ve played (Eyes, Deadspace) It’s by far one of the best APPS ive ever played. 5 stars from me. I highly reccomend you check it out!

~ Lemon Ghost


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