Aka Manto; An Urban Legend 

In the spirit of Haloween coming soon, being a *ghosty ghost* myself, I thought I’d share one of my personal favorite urban legeneds out there. And of course it has to of originated from Japan because isn’t that where all the best horror material comes from?

Aka Manto is an urban legend about a ghost//demon//spirit that haunts public restrooms. (As if public restrooms aren’t already terrifying enough) More specifically the Aka Manto haunts the very last stall in an *empty* public restroom. So you go into the last stall and you hear a voice. The spirit will ask you if you want red paper or blue paper. Or in some versions simply by saying”red or blue?”

Answer red paper, and you will be sliced apart until your clothes are stained red. Answer blue paper, and you will be strangled until your face turns blue. Terrifying right? Is there any escaping the Aka Manto?????

Ok well…

Attempting to outwit Aka Manto by asking for a different color or derailing the situation all together will (apparently) result in being dragged to the underworld or hell.

There is *however* a few *tiny* loopholes.  Say “yellow paper” or “yellow” and he will shove your head in the toilet just long enough to *not* drown you. (Its a toilet full of shit water but hey, you’re cheating death) OR Simply by saying “No thank you”, or “No paper” The spirit will wish you a good day and depart.

Thanks Aka Manto, I’m only too terrified to shit ever again, but you have a good day as well sir.

If that’s not enough to make you slightly more wary of public restrooms (or at the very least of the last stall!) you’re by far braver than me and I’m a ghost. I hope you enjoyed this urban legend shit post. I will hopefully post some more like this soon, most especially if someone other than my lonely ghost self enjoys it. (;-;)

~ Lemon Ghost


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